Arts and Humanities PhD research student Centre for Photographic History, Birkbeck, University of London (Intermission 13/14, expected completion 2020)

Working title: Examining transcultural performativities in North-London photography studios
The thesis uses multi-disciplinary research methods to examine photography studios in North-London. In doing this the studio looked at as a transnational space, that is a place a in which creative transcultural identities experimented with and configured.

2018 Nominated for RPS100Heroines by Wayne Ford

Research Funding
2019/20 HLF Living Memory Bursary
2016 Early Career Research seed funding, Coventry University

Published research (peer reviewed)
2021  ‘Rethinking the photographic studio as a politicised space’, in Ashley, T., Weedon, A. (eds.) Developing a Sense of Place: Models for the Arts and Urban Planning. UCL publishing
2019 ‘Studio Photography as a conceptual framework,’ in Membrania special issue on Studio Photography (5) (82,83) 38-47 (ISSN 2463-8501), Fotografija (ISSN 1408-3566) (Fotografija is in ERIH PLUS database)

Written reviews (peer reviewed)
2019 Review: Blight, D. C. (ed.) (2019) The Image of White-ness: Contemporary Photography and Racialization. The Journal of Visual Practice Taylor and Francis
2019 Review: Gartlan, L., Wue, R. (2017) Portraiture and Early Studio Photography in China and Japan. Visual Studies: I.B.Tauris
2016 (review) Racz, I. (2015) Art and the home: Comfort alienation and the everyday. Visual Studies: I.B.Tauris. 31:4, 371-372

Writing – interviews/reviews/essays
2020 Interview with Tina Campt Source Magazine – Issue 101 ‘Across Cultures’
2020 Book Review Zanji Amak Mahmoodian (1000words)
2019 Review Straight lines are a human intervention Dafna Talmor (Photomonitor)
2019 Review Some are born to endless night Lina Iris Victor (Photomonitor)
2019 Interview with Mark Sealy Decolonising the Camera (1000words)
2019 Interview with Indre Serpytype When the Golden Sun is Sinking (Photomonitor)
2019 Essay Ex-Voto Alys Tomlinson (1000 words magazine)
2019 Review Parallel State Guy Martin (Photomonitor)
2018 Review, Arles Photography Festival (1000Words print edition)
2018 Interview with Amak Mahmoodian Shenasnameh (Photomonitor)
2018 Review Alone with Empire Issac Blease with IC Visual Labs (Photomonitor)
2018 Review Encounters Nicola Green (Photomonitor)
2018 Review Vanley Burke in Birmingham 1968-2011 (New West-Midland Arts)
2018 Review From a Small Island Andrew Jackson (New West-Midland Arts)
2018 Review The Apna Heritage Archive (New West-Midland Arts)
2018 Review Inhabiting Edgelands Jonny Bark (New West-Midland Arts)
2017 Interview with the Curators of Oxford-Photo (Photomonitor)
2017 Review Dwelling: In this space we breathe Khadija Saye (Photomonitor)
2017 Review Thresholds. Matt Colishaw, (Photomonitor)
2017 Review Photo50:Gravitas Group show/various artists (Photomonitor)
2017 Publication text Sacred things: Elalmadinah ..To the City. Liz Hingley, Herbert Art Gallery, in association with Grain photohub
2016 Review Masterji and Coventry  Mr. Maganbhai Patel (Photomonitor)
2016 Review Black Chronicles Photographic Portraits 1862-1944 (Photomonitor)

Research papers (peer reviewed)
Family Photographs: looking at transcultural images as mnemonic devices
2019 Paper delivery at the Migration and Material Culture workshop, Birkbeck and Birmingham University collaboration
Visualising Home: Families across borders
2017 Representations of Home 2: Conflict and/or belonging thinking with Stories and Images, University of Lisbon, Centre for English Studies.
2017 A Sense of Place, ‘Test Beds’, University of Bedfordshire.
2017 Visualising the Home International Conference: University of Cumbria, Institute of the Arts.
Reimagined communities: understanding the visual habitus of transcultural photographs
2017 Under the dark cloth studio photography symposium, Format Photography Festival, Derby.
2016 International conference of photography and theory: photography and the everyday, Nicosia, Cyprus.
2016 Transvisuality conference, VI Lisbon summer school for the study of culture, Lisbon consortium.
2016 MeCCSA annual conference: on communities, Christchurch Canterbury University.
Archives of the future
2013 Visualising histories symposium, University of West England (UWE).

Practice research and artist talks
Women of Walsall film
2020 Public presentation of the Women of Walsall film, made when on residency in Walsall as the HLF Living Memory Bursary Artist. The work is shown at the female focused Raising Her Voice event at the Crossing, St Pauls, to coincide with International Womens Day 2020. It will be shown through out the event and introduced at the Raising Her Voice panel, which is chaired by Caroline.
Work Published in the Living Memory publication. 
The Politics of the Smile: Looking at framing and gesture in early studio practices
2019 Hybrid presentation and exhibition showcase: Post-Digital Cultures study day on Gesture: Approaches and Other Questions, Coventry University
2019 Showcase participant at CeMoRe Sociology Research Centre, Lancaster University
2018/2019 contributor to #209 Women in parliament exhibition. Palace of Westminster & Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool.
2018 Family of No-man, group exhibition, Arles Photography Festival
2018 Artist talk: National University of Art, Bucharest, Romania.
2018 Artist talk: Family Ties Network: Transnational Family research seminar, Coventry University.
2018 Speaker at Encountering difference symposium, Transnational Identity Art and Nation research centre, in association. w. Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon colleges of art, graduate school.
2018 Transnational Instagram takeover @womeninphoto Jan 29-Feb3
2018&17 Artist talk: Practice as Research, MA CCM, Coventry University.
Studio Cartographies: Auto-ethnography as a research methodology
2017 ‘Untouched Copy’ as a site specific exhibition intervention as part of the JAIPUR photography festival, India.
2017 Artist talk: Royal photographic society, visual arts group.
2017 Artist talk: PhotoCafe in association with Grain (west midlands photo-hub) and SomeCities
2017 PaR Research group, Birkbeck School of Art, UoL
Reimagined communities: understanding the visual habitus of transcultural photographs
2016 Photography and the Middle East seminar series. Photographic History Research Centre (PHRC) de Montfort University, Leicester.
2014 ‘The emotional life of transcultural photographs’, Diaspora in Art and Identity, Leverhulme funded group exhibition/event Doh Mix Meh Up. Oxford Diaspora Arts Program Old Fire station, Oxford. 2015 featured in ODP exhibition publication Doh Mix Me Up exhibition catalogue.
2011 In conversation with Goodness and Lady Silver, in Goldsmiths MAVIS Graduating films, The Horse Museum, London.
2009 Untouched Copy, in Projected Landscapes. Architects Association, London.

Work reviewed
2019 ‘Untouched Copy’ interview and review CeMoRe Research Centre 
2018 #209women featured in Guardian (December) and book publication (2019)
2017 ‘Untouched Copy’ featured in Fotografi, Number 4. 36-41, Norway
2017 ‘Jaipur Photo’ review, featured in the British Journal of Photography (February)

Additional subject expertise (historical)
2009 Featured photographer in BBC3 documentary Mums in the Mansion.
2000 Featured artist in BBC knowledge (BBC4) documentary Contemporary Artists.
2000 21 individuals who do the same job, toured as part of Sapere facilitation project – philosophy for children’s learning within schools.
Work collected by the National Biblioteque Paris.

Residencies & associated exhibitions (historical)
1997 Flaxart studios, Belfast, NI. Funded by Belfast City Council and Northern Ireland Arts & Falmouth College of Art, research award (1997/8), Camden Council arts funding (1998). Exhibition: 1999 Troubled Thoughts, Kingsgate Gallery, London. 1998 Old Museum Art Centre, Belfast/Artist talk & Guest speaker Ulster Radio. 1998 Troubled Thoughts, in Troubles group exhibition/Artist talk, Spirit Square Centre Charlotte NC.
1995 Multi Exposure Residency award, Israel. Funded by Multi Exposure & British Council. 1997 Age 20. Group exhibitions & Publication: Cambridge Darkroom, 1996 Bogershof Gallery, Israel, 1996 Diorama London & Guest speaker London Live/Jewish hour.
1994 Cultural Centre, Schwerin Germany. Funded by British council. Identical twins in Life Portrait, exhibition & publication.
Selected exhibitions (Historical)
1998 Childs Play, Mac Centre Birmingham. 1997 We are always one of them to someone else in Therberton Street festival, funded by Artangel. 1997 Identical twins in Young Contemporaries, Riverside Gallery, London. 1996 Identity Parade, West End Arts Centre, Aldershot/Guest speaker Southern county radio. 1996 Identical twins, Festival of women photographers, Artist & Guest Speaker Gaarter Lane Arts Centre, Waterford Ireland, 1996 Identical Twins in Famous Unknowns II Special Photographers Co London, 1995 Identical Twins, Arles Photography Festival, France. 1995 Identical twins in I wish I wish Photographers Gallery, London, 1995 Identical Twins in Style/Faberge Guardian V&A Museum London. 1994 Portraits in Iris Womens Exhibition, Staffordshire Museum.
Selected reviewed work (Historical)
1997 Source Issue 4,  1997 Vis A Vis Issue 11, 1997 Bodies of Experience: Scarlet Press p14-15, 1995 Art & Academic Review, 1995 Vogue, 1994/2 Womens News.
Awards (Historical)
1997/8 Research Award Falmouth College of Art, 1995 Kodak Panoramic award winner, 1995 Multi Exposure Award, 1994 Conde Naste – Vogue Award, 1993 AOP/Fuji Portfolio Award, 1993 Joes Basement Award, 1992/3 AoP/Fuji Individual Award, 1990 Elle Talent Competition (commendation), 1990 Hunters & Armley Award, 1987-90 Pearsons Scholarship Award, 1998 Margaret Johnson Memorial Award.